Since 1980, Jannex Enterprises has been traveling the globe in search of unique products to offer the Canadian retail marketplace.


​Jannex Enterprises is Canada's leading distributor of greeting cards, gifts, and stationery products.  Our fashionable product mix is always evolving and in touch with global trends.  

Inspirational, Innovative, Humorous 



Jannex Enterprises (1980) Limited - Founded in 1980 by David Hes and Ellen Bean, Jannex Enterprises quickly grew to become one of Canada's leading greeting card and gift distributors.  Over the years, through various business models, offering multiple product categories, our diverse customer base has grown to include the following retail channels: Paper and Book stores, Museums, Art Galleries, Hospitals, and University Gift Shops, Florists and Nurseries, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Health & Nature Shops, and many many more.




The Jannex family is comprised of knowledgeable, caring and service oriented professionals who are fully versed in working with you towards a goal of mutual success.

Offering national sales representation, including a complete support team located minutes from downtown Toronto. 

Access to our online product catalogue here


Come and discover Jannex and experience what "Service" means to us.

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